It’s Monday! Guess I’ll head over to the office!

Corgi_Glasses I hope everyone had a great day at work! We love Mondays! Woof!


5 thoughts on “It’s Monday! Guess I’ll head over to the office!

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    We love StaycationsThere really isn’t anything like just chillin with the family and look at all the fun you hadI love the comment Jack made about God and fireworks – So true I also love the pic of Little Levi sound asleep now that is a good day BlessingsKim

  2. says:

    Prof Savedoff – Thanks. Great comments!I agree that there is a certain irony in the Global Fund being made a poster child for the effects of corruption, given that the Fund seems to have made more of an effort to look for corruption than have many other donors (although that effort appears to be post-hoc.)My point above, though, was to use this case to question why the many kinds of organizations that one might think ought to be addressing corruption are not. The donors to the global fund may be among that group of organizations.

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