Rawfeed – Darwin’s Natural Pet Products Review

It’s no secret Corgis gain weight very easily. A chubby Corgi is adorable but it can cause a lot of health issues for our little buddies. Kenshin got up to 40 lbs once! I did some research on the Raw Food Diet and got him on it immediately when I realized how overweight my buddy was. He loved his “diet” and dropped down to his ideal 25 lbs within months. I get asked a lot what I feed my dogs so I decided to write a post about it.

Rawfeed Diet, which emphasizes bones, raw meat, vegetables and fruit, are fast becoming a popular choice among dog lovers. Take it from me. I have 3 dogs and my 2 older dogs have been very overweight on dry food. I have tried good quality grain free dog food and finally switched to raw feed. I would go to the butcher and buy meats, bones, organs, but eventually decided to go the commercial rawfeed route because I didn’t have the time anymore. My dogs and I love it and their coats are still very beautiful and soft on Darwins.

Why I Like Darwins 
I was thoroughly impressed with Darwins natural raw pet food. This is a well-balanced and nutritious feeding schedule for your dog. Not only that, doing so will ensure your best friend sports a shinier coat, cleaner teeth, fresher breath, healthy skin, smaller stools and high energy levels.

I would assume that any dog lover would only want the best for their dogs. In this regard, Darwins meals designed for pets do not disappoint in any way. It is specially formulated to conform to all state and federal requirements that is also in line with the AAFCO guidelines.

After all, dogs digestive systems are made to deal with natural rawfeed that is packed with essential nutrients.
Currently, your dog may experience some serious health issues due to eating processed foods. Some people would even feed their dogs table food, which can be downright dangerous. You may love your guacamole. However, feeding it to your dog is not such a good idea due to the fact that the avocado in it contains persin, which proves to be very toxic.

In my opinion, it is far better to go with Darwins raw dog food that will not only save you valuable time, but also ensure your dog gets fed the best all natural pet food. They certainly spoil you for choice in that you can make your selection from either their Premium Line Natural Selections, or the Value Line Zoologics.

Darwins Natural Selections are made up from organically grown vegetables and free range meat that do not contain any fillers or grains. Some of the flavors you can present your dog with, would include; beef, chicken, bison, duck, or turkey.

Darwins Zoologics would be less expensive and consist of conventional vegetables and meat that originate from the farms that would supply local supermarkets. No need to worry as the animals they use are not pumped full of antibiotics and generally get fed some grain.

I have switched to Darwins rawfeed as I found it greatly enhanced the life of my dogs with regards to their health. It proved to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only are their products super affordable, but it is very fresh too. I am a big believer in feeding your dog raw food. I believe there is an intro special for about $15 for 10lb of food if you’d like to try it out.

When I have the extra time, I still visit my local butcher. If you’re in the Seattle area, I love Double D Meets! Their staff is super friendly and you can’t beat the prices! I live in Queen Anne and they’re up in Mountlake Terrace so I guess it’s not very “local” but it’s worth the drive. If you know of a closer butcher that doesn’t charge a gazillion dollars for some dog bones, please let me know =)



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