Corgi Convention at Marymoor Off Leash Park

I think I’m going to start calling the meet ups Corgi Conventions. My friends started saying this when they were making fun of me and now it’s grown on me. I like the sound of it =) Today was a beautiful sunny day and it was the perfect day for the dog park. What’s better than a sunny day spent at the dog park? Sunny day at the dog park with 30+ corgis running around!

Someone made a comment about Umi being too skinny today. Now every time we go out, someone always brings up Umi’s size but today, I felt like this person was implying I wasn’t feeding my dog. It bummed me out, I quickly blurted out, “Well, they’re all on the same diet! I don’t know why she’s so much thinner, I think that’s just how she is.” I don’t know why I felt the need to explain my feeding ritual to a complete stranger but I so desperately wanted her to know I wasn’t starving my baby girl …

Anyway .. besides this little incident we had a great day! Check out the photos below!
Corgi_Meet_Up_2 Corgi_Meet_Up_3 Corgi_Meet_Up_4 Corgi_Meet_Up_5 Corgi_Meet_Up_6 Corgi_Meet_Up_7 Corgi_Meet_Up_8 Corgi_Meet_Up_9 Corgi_Meet_Up_10 Corgi_Meet_Up_11 Corgi_Meet_Up_12 Corgi_Meet_Up_14 Corgi_Meet_Up_15 Corgi_Meet_Up_16 Corgi_Meet_Up_17 Corgi_Meet_Up_18 Corgi_Meet_Up_19 Corgi_Meet_Up_20 Corgi_Meet_Up_21 Corgi_Meet_Up_22 Corgi_Meet_Up_23 Corgi_Meet_Up_24 Corgi_Meet_Up_25

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