Kinnear Park Off Leash Area

This is a very small dog park. It’s a nice addition to the neighborhood. On weekends and after business hours, you can park in a dedicated parking lot behind Queen Anne Upholstery at the end of W. Mercer Street. You’d want to enter the parking lot from Mercer going down hill toward Elliot. So if you’re coming from Interbay, you’ll have to go past the park, turn around and come back down Mercer. I pretty much only see 1 other dog owner every time I’ve been here. I come here after work when I don’t have time to hit up the bigger parks.

 I’d advise against coming here after the sun goes down.

Shih tzu

Although the park is small, it’s big enough for us to play fetch!

Shih tzu

Lower Kinnear Off-Leash Area

Shih tzu


They met a little friend!

Shih tzu pomchi


Corgis and shih tzu

It can get pretty muddy! Check out Gohan’s feet!

Corgis and shih tzu

Corgi and shih tzu

Bathtime is a must after this park!

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