Big Corgi and Small Corgi

Marymoor Off-leash Dog Park

Marymoor Dogpark
“Doggy Disneyland”, as it is locally dubbed, Marymoor Park is best known for its 40 acres of off leash dog park. As you Corgi lovers know, the little beloved herders are LOUD! The smaller dog parks aren’t a good fit for my dogs so I try to take them to larger dog parks where they can run and bark and play with lots of other dogs. They can swim or my Shih Tzu will usually find an old tennis ball and make me play fetch with him the entire time we’re there.

Marymoor Park Info
6046 W Lake Sammamish Parkway NE
Park Hours
8am – dusk
authorized activities outside these times

Big Corgi and Small Corgi

Hello, there my new Corgi friend!

small corgi and big corgi

Let’s play!

Corgis and shih tzu

Gohan feels left out!

Corgis running

Wanna play tag?

Corgis playing

Tag! You’re it!

Corgis smile

Hi! We’re behaving!

Corgi Pile Up

Corgi Pile Up

shihtzu and ball

Ball still here!

shihtzu and ball

throw my ball!

Shih tzu

I bring you ball!

Corgi smile

Big smile from Kenshin

Corgi running

Shih tzu and corgi

Gohan loves corgis!

herding corgi

You look like something I need to herd!

Corgi having fun

Weeeeeee! Having so much fun!

Corgi flop

Wait for meeeeee!


Whatcha lookin at?

Corgi and shih tzu

Mom says we can’t swim today …

Corgi Race

I think I’m winning!

Corgi Race

I won the race!

Marymoor dog park

More friends!

Marymoor dog park

Hi Buddy!

Funny dogs

I don’t know what’s so funny but mom keeps laughing at the dog behind me!

furry dog

You’re furry like me!

Corgi Race

I cannot be left behind

Corgi Race

Why are you running so fast?


So excited!!!

Corgi and big dog

Let’s play follow the leader!

Corgi and big dog

Muah! Good bye kiss

corgi and big dog


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