2014 – Spend More Time Outdoors! (DoubleBluff Pt2)

Brought the babies to Doublebluff Beach again (click here to see previous post at this beach) This year I want to ….
1. Spend more time outdoors
2. Read at least 1 book each month
3. Blog weekly (I failed last year)
4. Set 2 hours aside daily for homework / studying
5. Keep up with my Herbalife routine
I know it’s only the first week of the year but I’m doing pretty well! I spent the first day on the beach with my dogs, I’m almost done reading my first book already, I’ve been blogging consistently, school doesn’t start until Monday sooooo .. I’ll have to start #4 on Monday .. as for Herbalife, I just ordered a bunch more stuff a couple days ago =)
Let’s have an awesome year!

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