Space Needle in the Fall …

I was actually trying to take some photos of the Monorail .. then of course Kenshin started to distract me so I started taking pictures of him … then I looked up and got distracted by these cool looking red trees behind me and that’s when I noticed how beautifully it framed the beloved Space Needle! I get distracted fairly easily which is prettier much why my blog doesn’t necessary have a theme. One day I’m into photographing gorgeous women, then the next, I’m out photographing the rain, my dogs, food or some random building … anyway hope you enjoy my pics and my awesome city!
* was my old blog excuse the watermarks*
Space Needle
Yup I added the yellow to make it look more Fallish =) check the pic below for the original …
Space Needle
Yup the trees really are that RED! It was weirdly beautiful!
This was what I originally wanted to take pics of … didn’t turn out as cool as I thought it would …
Here is my lovely assistant / body guard =) he got that sad look because he knew this was going to turn out all grainy lol
Here he heard some kids running and he decided to alert me by barking like a … well … a Corgi lol =)

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